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Realty  is a powerful WordPress Theme that is packed with all the trimmings of a Real Estate Website. The theme is fully responsive from desktop to mobile phones. It comes complete with property management, slideshow, custom taxonomies, advanced filters, contact form and Google maps integration.

Property Management

Your properties are easily maintained in the admin panel – just like managing your posts. Easily group them with custom taxonomies like Area, Rooms, Type, and Price. Add, Edit and Delete properties using the content editor you’ve grown to love in WordPress.

Custom Search

Allow your viewers to go through your listings with ease. The same taxonomies that you’ve set up for your properties – is what your visitors will select from. This gives you 100 percent control of your inventory.

Google Map, Slideshow, Contact Form

You can add location information to your properties by a custom meta box for Google or Bing Maps. A special “About the Author” is displayed in the sidebar and the homepage. Your gallery is displayed as a slideshow by default. A lightbox effect is triggered once you click each image and even scroll through them using your mouse wheel. A custom contact form is added so you can grab leads easily.

Add a Listing

Adding a new listing has the same exact process as add a new post. The only difference is you have to create a new “Listing” as supposed to a “Post”. Click on the “Listings” link and you should see an “Add New” link right underneath it.
Enter a title for your listing. This usually is the address of your property – but it is entirely up to you. The content area of the listing is what appears in the body of your listing. You also need to add a thumbnail to your listing.

Add Taxonomies (Type, Rooms, Area and Price)

A Listing Taxonomy works the same way as Categories to Posts. Matter of fact – a Category IS a taxonomy – but that gets a bit too technical. To add or edit one, simply click on them under “Listings”.

Pret de la 150 Euro
Platforma poate fi achizitionata individual sau impreuna cu pachetul aferent (domeniu + hosting + SEO). Verifica pachetele aici.

Pentru informatii suplimentare sau pentru varianta demo va rugam se ne contactati la adresa:
Site-ul este usor de utilizat atat din punct de vedere al utilizatorului, cat si al administratorului.
Se ofera instalare gratuita.
In functie de customizarile cerute se va percepe o taxa suplimentara.

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